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#IWSG – So you want to be a writer…. (pt 8)

Insecure Writers Support Group

Once again, it is time for me to ramble on writing for the Insecure Writers Support monthly post. In the past, I have written about things you should be doing as a writer. However, this is the: What *NOT* to do Edition. There are jillions of articles on what to do if you want to be a writer, but not too many on what you should NOT do. So using my vast knowledge of all of those things (which means, either YES I have done it, or YES I have had it done to me), I shall impart my words of wisdom. DO NOT visit a big bookstore and get discouraged because it is filled to the brim with other books and then think “what … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: Wrath & Bones by A.J. Aalto


As usual, I’m a day late and (thousands of) dollar short: I was supposed to publish this Cover Reveal *yesterday*, and after I BEGGED the author, A.J. Aalto, to do a cover reveal. Sigh. (And hangs my head in shame.) But, as usual, life happened, so here I am, finally revealing the cover I begged to show. I know A.J. from Facebook (not IRL; she lives in Canada), and I find her to be a hilarious and awesome individual. To get her writing done, she gets up at 4am. That’s about when I’m going to sleep, usually. We have lots of fun sparring and chatting on Facebook. If we got together in person, you’d probably need to call the SWAT team on us. (I kid, … Continue reading

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The Questions with Betsy Madden: Birthday Twin & Bibliophile (pt. 3)


And for the final day of our birthday celebration, here are the answers to the remainder of The Questions, as answered by my birthday twin, Betsy. If you missed them, please go read Part 1 and Part 2. <—- Seven. Eleven. Not just a convenience store. It’s also an awesome birthday. (This post may – or may not – be later than usual because we were out late last night celebrating some more.) The Questions, 31-45 31. What aspect of your art gets you passionate, gets you excited? What gets you pumped? My hubby says I get excited when I get to plan. I also get pumped when I am working on something for someone else. (dSavannah note: This is true. Betsy served as my … Continue reading

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The Questions with Betsy Madden: Birthday Twin & Bibliophile (pt. 1)

birthday kitten lolcat cake cute funny

So… today (7/11) (yes, like the convenience store) is my birthday. It’s also the birthday of fellow writer h. l. nelson (who answered The Questions on 9/22/12), Merlin Leach (who works tirelessly for women and children’s rights through his Foundation), and my actual birthday twin (i.e., born the same year), Betsy, who is also a dear friend. She so enjoys reading The Questions, and comments on most of them. After another dear friend of mine, Brandi Klepfer, participated in the mayhem, Betsy decided it would be fun to answer them herownself for our birthday. You will note that she completely ignored my instructions regarding answering only seven questions, and answered all but two of them (and I’m up to 45), which is why you will … Continue reading

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The Questions with Katie Reiter: writer

Skankenstein Cover

I write a lot of reviews on Amazon. I’m opinionated, so I might as well share what I think. Plus, I get feedback that my reviews are helpful and interesting. And, I get requests from authors and publicists asking if I’ll read and review their book. Normally, I say no. I just don’t have time. But when Katie Reiter and David Fumarola sent me an email in March asking if I’d like an e-copy of their debut novel, Skankenstein, I said yes, because the description (below the Questions) and cover (left) intrigued me. (And I find myself really enjoying YA books these days, more so than ‘adult’. I’m not sure why.) (And no, I still haven’t read Skankenstein, but I will, and soon!) (Hopefully!) When … Continue reading

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The Questions with Ann Harth: writer & editor

Art of Magic

I had this lovely intro written about how I met my next victim for The Questions, but she chose to answer question #1, which pretty much explains everything. So, I’ll just say, Ann Harth writes books and short stories for children and also offers manuscript assessments, editing services and ghostwriting. And she lives in Australia, and fosters baby animals I’d never heard of. The Questions 1. Tell the good readers of this blog how we know each other. I met Debbie when she became my editor for my latest middle-grade novel. We seemed to connect immediately (and not only because she liked my writing). She’s a wonderful editor with great sensitivity and a knack for emphasizing detail that enhances the big picture. (dSavannah note: Thanks, … Continue reading

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Start at the Beginning

My kitty, Piper, helping me "work".

How many times have we heard this phrase? Millions? Trillions? But it’s not really true. No one really wants you to start at the beginning. On TV shows, when someone literally starts at the beginning – “well, I was born in …” – everyone laughs. In a novel, if they start at the beginning instead of in the middle of the action, the book gets put down, never to be read again. So, where do I start for this, my very first blog post on my very first blog? That’s a hard question. Maybe with why I’m starting a blog? That one’s easy. I’m starting a blog because, as a writer, it came highly recommended that I do so. I’m starting a blog because my … Continue reading

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