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U is for…


I suppose I’ll be cliché today and write about a topic that generally springs to mind when one hears the letter U. No, not umbrella. Or uvula. Tho there’s a funny story there, about a friend who had his uvula removed and really confused people when he told them. I’m also not writing about umbrage. Or ushers or the undead or unicorns. And not about umpires, uteri or updrafts, and most certainly not about uniforms, which I had to wear in high school. Such attractive polyester creations they were, too. {Shudders.} Nope, it’s for everyone’s favorite little instrument: U is for Ukelele One year for my hubby’s birthday, I bought him a guitar. Which he wanted. And which he hasn’t played. A perfectly lovely guitar. … Continue reading

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T is for…


T is for Things, Various Again, typically I start each blog with a list of things I’m not talking about, but today I’m just gonna yammer on about several different topics, in no particular order. I am tired. Not of or because of this blogging challenge; just because of life in general. Mother Nature has been waxing so schitzo lately, I don’t know what she’s up to. Today? Sunny. Yesterday? Cold and windy and rainy. Day before that? Warm and sunny. Day before that? Cold and windy. I’m a little barometer, so changes like this tend to make me ill, or more specifically, give me a migraine. Nothing like a dagger-through-the-skull pounding headache to take the wind out of your sails. (Yes, that’s a cliché… … Continue reading

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S is for…


I’m not sure why I started each post of this here challenge by telling you what my letter is not for, but it’s tradition now, so I guess I’ll have to continue. My S is not for space-monkeys. My writerly pal Gareth S. Young said I could not write about them, because he called it first. I don’t even know what a space-monkey is, tho it’s presumably a regular monkey wearing a space helmet. And he did not specify if the space-monkey I should not be writing about is a rhesus monkey or a chimpanzee (which is technically not a monkey, but an ape). After all, there are lots of different kinds of monkeys, including capuchin and spider and colobus. And should I not be … Continue reading

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R is for…


R is for AUURRRRGGGHH. Just kidding. It’s not for rain either, this ceaseless, ceaseless rain, along with this ceaseless, ceaseless winter that won’t quite turn into spring. And it’s not for rant; obviously I took care of (most of) that with my “P” is for Pet Peeves post. And it’s not for resorcin, the last item listed in the 1921 Collier’s New Encyclopedia volume referenced in my “Q” post. (If you’re wondering, resorcin is a “colorless, crystalline compound prepared on a large scale by the action of sulphuric acid on benzene, and by the treatment of the resulting compound with caustic soda. It yields a fine purple-red coloring matter and several other dyes used in dyeing and calico printing, is a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer, … Continue reading

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Q is for…


So, I’ve been blogging every day for three weeks straight, and boy are my arms tired! (Ba-dum!) Anywho… I’m obviously delusional from tiredness, but it’s now day something-or-other, the day for the letter Q. I thought about writing about quirks, but probably everyone participating in the #AtoZchallenge2014 is doing that, since us creatives are, by definition, quirky, so I’m going back to my tried-and-true dictionary method. Only this time I’m consulting my 1921 edition of Collier’s New Encyclopedia, subhead: “A Loose Leaf and Self Revising Reference Work” (which I’ve never quite figured out how that erm, worked, exactly), Book 7, Ochre to Resorcin. And the winner for Q (boy, I had to flip quite a few pages to get to this section, and it’s all … Continue reading

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P is for…


No sense beating around the bush today: P is for Pet Peeves That’s right. I coulda saved this post for R, and made that letter stand for rant… I could have even used three other topics I thought of, all on my own (the most for any letter, I think!): popularity, procrastination, and perfectionism. On each of those, I’ll give a short graph, then get right into ye old pet peeves. First: popularity. I was never the popular kid. No, not me: I was the weird kid with her nose in a book and no social skills. But now, as a teacher, I’m constantly asked questions. All I hear all day is “Ms. George, Ms. George, Professor George, Dr. Jorge, Ms. Jones”… as I tell … Continue reading

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O is for…


So, here I am, late in the day – yet again – for today’s letter, which happens to be O. My co-conspirator in this here madness, Chad Clark, wrote about a Okuri-inu monster. If you want to know what that is, you’ll just have to go read his post. I certainly have no idea. The #AtoZchallenge2014 people wrote about obsession, aka our need to complete this quest. An aside: I’m quite proud of both Chad and I for keeping up with the challenge, despite the odds: life, liberty, and the pursuit thereof. Plus the need to eat and sleep sometimes. So, I’ll shaddup and tell you today’s topic: O is for Obsolete Yeah, yeah, I’m going there. In my day, I had to walk uphill both ways, … Continue reading

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