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The Questions with Julianne Bonnet: Faerie Goatmother & poet

Peppermint Poppy Seed Soap

Not quite a year ago, I asked Julianne if she would be willing to answer The Questions, and lucky for us all, she said yes. (I did warn her it could be a while before I got them posted… And I was not wrong about that.) I don’t really remember why or how I connected to Julianne, but Facebook tells me we have 11 mutual friends (other writers) and have been friends since August 2013. So, over three years. (Or are Facebook years like dog years, and mean a lot more?) I can tell you that I absolutely love love love Julianne’s business as the Faerie Goatmother. She has a herd of goats, and uses their milk to make hand-made, yummy, deliciously-smelling awesome soap (my … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – T is for…

t is for

My theme this year for the #AtoZchallenge is #dSavannahDefects, aka “What’s it’s like dealing with #InvisibleIllnesses”. Or, in short, {some of} what’s wrong with me.  … thyroid The thyroid is a “butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck”. It produces a variety of hormones that “act throughout the body, influencing metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature” ( So needless to say, the thyroid is pretty important in your overall health. There are tons of autoimmune disorders that have to do with the thyroid, and they are fairly common. Off the top of my head, I can think of four other people with thyroid issues. Both men and women can have thyroid problems, tho women are more likely to experience issues, … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: The Family Business


dSavannah note: Thank you to all of twelve of you {per my site stats} who stopped by last week and read my first entry for #FictionFriday. I really appreciate it, more than you know. I also appreciate your comments. Yes, the accent was difficult to read, but it was also difficult to write. I actually ended up sorting every word in the story to make sure I spelled everything wrong… consistently. It was, as one of you pointed out, to show how bad off society has gotten. Education has slipped; it’s a wonder my poor {unnamed} character can write at all. A couple of you (thanks writer pals Gareth and Jerry) said you wanted to read more in that world, which is something I had … Continue reading

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Book launch for The Wolves of Dynamo by Gareth S. Young

This is Gareth.

As y’all know, I’ve been sick, and my illness(es) mean that I’m chronically fatigued and can’t focus on much. Even on books. Which sucks, since I’ve always been a huge reader, and not being able to read is quite the … {insert bad word of your choice}. So my pal Gareth S. Young sent me an ARC of his book, The Wolves of Dynamo, a few weeks back. An electronic document. This is important for you to know for a couple reasons: 1) although I have a Kindle, I pretty much just use it for playing games and 2) I have innumerable books for Kindle that I haven’t read. Which leads to: 3) I uploaded the book to my Kindle, and idly started reading it, … Continue reading

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A is for…


As I said in yesterday’s post (which I can’t link to thanks to some weird WordPress quirk), I’m gonna be doing the A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April. And today, being April 1, means it’s A day. (And yes, I know that technically today is still March 31, but as I am exhausted, I am writing the post now and publishing it and praying that I get some sleep tonight.) So, you may ask, what the heck is A for? Well, as of, well, just a few moments ago, I had no idea. No topic scribbled down (well, one, but I didn’t like it…)… so, I consulted my Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary. Yeah, the one pictured here. Copyright 1913. In pretty … Continue reading

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…more opinions (aka reviews).

dSavannah Rambles - her dog Maggie

As I’ve mentioned before, on several occasions, I write reviews. It may seem odd to give an opinion about some of the items, but I’m a member of the Amazon Vine program, which means I get to pick out books ~ and other stuff ~ to review. {Since my TBR pile is, shall we say, quite large, I’ve been choosing a lot of “other stuff”.} And since it is always recommended you include a photo in your blog post, so it looks purty when you share it on social media, here is a picture of my dog, Maggie. She’s as close to me as she can possibly get while I sit in my desk chair. (A very cool antique.) Her photo actually does relate to … Continue reading

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Acts of Faith


This afternoon as I walked my dog, Maggie, down to the lake for her constitutional, a murder of crows cawed overhead. In the relative silence away from the dishwasher swooshing and the roomba chugging and the clothes in the dryer banging, I pondered how living itself requires a huge act of faith, or really, many small ones. The flowers reach up to the sky, simply expecting what they need – sunshine and rain. The crows caw, talking to each other about the trees and the weather and the girl walking her dog, a dog now curled up at my feet as I write, safe in the knowledge that I’ll feed and care for her. It’s only people who require faith, and it’s easy to lose. … Continue reading

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