About the Rambler…

My four pets - Cricket (calico cat); Maggie (german shepherd/mutt dog); Piper (tabby cat); and Jilly (red-eared slider turtle)

I am an #InvisibleIllnessWarrior; I fight a number of debilitating, chronic conditions, which combined cause me never-ending severe pain and severe fatigue.

I am also a wife, a friend, and a servant to my pet overlords.

Before I got sick, I was very accomplished and busy – an artist, photographer, writer, editor, bibliophile, marketer, college instructor, and volunteer.

At some point, I will update this bio and add pictures of myself.

There is much I can no longer do, but it costs me nothing but maybe a spoon to reach out to someone struggling and message a hello and send love. Or it costs 55 pennies to send a card. And it costs me nothing to share a tweet or post or crowdfunding campaign.

It costs me nothing to be kind.


… and there will be more to come, once I edit what I want to say. It’s been a while.

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