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It’s rotating me! Photos by Joe Boris.

Yo. I’m me. Totally. #feminist #writer #artist #editor #teacher #blogger #witty #creative.  Plays well with words. Makes things. Shoots things (with camera).

My logo describes me perfectly – many things happening at once, many ideas, many modes of expression. Many ways of seeing the world.

I am, including by not limited to, a Sick Person. I deal with a variety of health ailments that have rendered me (since December 2014) unable to work, which sucks, as I have been working my whole entire life. Not working feels like a failure. So I’m using my blog as a way of speaking out and Shining a Light in the Dark Places, including Invisible Illnesses and abuse. For details, check out the posts in the health category.


I create a variety of art – art you can hang on your walls (paintings & photographs) and art you can write on (notecards) and collect (bookmarks & ACEOs); art you can wear (jewelry & scarves); art you can read (poetry, short stories, & several novels in the works).

I love the process, the act of creation: it’s is a kind of meditation, a channeling of the great river of beauty in the world.

I have published several short stories and a number of poems, as well as numerous articles in various newspapers and magazines, and have won several awards for my art and writing. My first book, A Spicy Secret, #22 in the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series, was released in December 2012.

I also do editing for individual authors and small publishers. Read about my editing process and some praise for my work.

I have worked 20+ years in marketing communications, doing everything you can think of that has to do with marketing: events, research, writing, editing, surveys, advertising, etc. I started dSavannahCREATIVE in 2005 as a way to do freelancing to help small businesses and artists succeed.

I received my Master of Arts degree in communications (cum laude) from Georgia State University and my Bachelor of Arts degree in communications (cum laude) from Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga.

I live in Georgia, either in the Atlanta area or on the coast (I love the ocean!) with my husband, dog, turtle, and two cats.

So why blog?

The Little Kitten

A book I “wrote” and “illustrated” at a mere 10 years of age. Click to read an early masterpiece.

My first love is writing; I’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember, as long as I could hold a pencil, or pen, or marker. I have a tendency to be verbose, so writing short blog posts is good exercise for my brain. Plus, it will let me talk about and with some of my favorite artists and authors, and help promote them and their creative endeavors. You know, pay it forward and back, to those who have encouraged and inspired me.

Want to learn more about me? Click them there links in the sidebar, or feel free to contact me.

About my reviews…

All reviews are my own, honest opinion, and I am not paid to post them (other than the items I get for free from Amazon Vine). I am occasionally asked by authors if I will review their book, and sometimes I will if they send me a copy. (I don’t do it very often anymore. Plus, it’s hard to read for fun when I’m reading/editing for work… not only do I not have a lot of time, I also find myself editing as I read. I just can’t help it.) (Even books by big-name authors.) (Even classics by now-dead authors.) (Plus my illnesses mean it’s sometimes very difficult to concentrate.)

Also for the record, yes, I am an Amazon affiliate. That means if you happen to click a link and happen to buy something, then I’ll get a teensy percentage of the sale. It doesn’t cost you any more money, and it helps support my art/living habit. I mean, I’d be writing the reviews anyway, so why not? Plus, it takes me a LOT of time to read and review and create posts and copy links…

About the images in the header…

Philip C. Shore designed my logo in 2003. At the time, I served as Marketing Director of the Center for Puppetry Arts, and we wanted to design a new logo to commemorate the Center’s 25th Anniversary. Philip donated his services, and must have created about 100 different ideas for me to look at. When I came across this one, I said, “Why, thank you Philip, this is an excellent logo for me!”  We added the bar, my business name, and the “S” – which is actually from my signature.

Of course, I took all of the photos (except one). Top row (l to r): A special order necklace I made out of a variety of semi-precious stones; a book I “wrote” and “illustrated” at age 10; a photograph I took of a baby frog; and some of my crocheted butterflies, on yes, a cowbell.

Bottom row (l to r): The notebook I use for notes on WIPs and sketches for paintings or drawings (a gift from one of my besties); one of my mixed-media paintings; detail from the painting “Sydney’s Cats Enjoy the View“, close-up from a photo from a book I edited, Edward Jett‘s Big Black Book, poems and lyrics (photo of the book by Joe Boris photography. Used with permission).

BTW, the photos above of yours truly (my avatar & the above) were taken by Joe Boris, a wonderful photographer in Atlanta, in 2012. He also took my first professional headshot, way back in 2001. I figured it was time for an update. :)

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