#dSavannahDefects – Z is for…

My theme this year for the #AtoZchallenge is #dSavannahDefects, aka “What’s it’s like dealing with #InvisibleIllnesses”. Or, in short, {some of} what’s wrong with me.

Z … zee end

Yeah, so I’m cheating with the topic for this letter, and it appears that I used these very same words for the very last post for the 2015 #AtoZChallenge, but, by golly by gum, I’m tired. I’m all talked written out.

And you’re probably all read out, too.

I feel bad I fell so far behind on reading other people’s blogs, especially my challenge partners.

My personal high point in visits was F is for…, and traffic and comments went down after that. But again, I blame no one. This is a challenge, a race, a marathon; actually, I think it’s more like the Iditarod, but without the freezing cold. (Some of you may have enough dogs for a sled team. I don’t know. And I don’t judge…)

Obviously, I’m babbling.

Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey.

I leave you with this wonderful poem by the lovely artist over at Dharma Comics, which I have hung on the wall behind my computer and look at often. (The words are hers; the funky border is mine.)

Feel free to print it out (and I’ve made it clickable so you can get the largest version possible) to remind yourself: you’re awesome. You’re a #Warrior. And you win, every time.

Feel how you feel - comic by Dharma comics<3,

dSavannah in all my defective glory

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~ #disabled #spoonie fighting numerous, chronic, painful #InvisibleIllnesses ~ also #wife #feminist #ally #advocate #papyrophiliac #DogCatTurtleWrangler
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18 Responses to #dSavannahDefects – Z is for…

  1. Liz Johnson says:

    Well done sweetie. Xx

  2. It’s a wrap!
    It was lovely meeting you via the challenge.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences of what’s it like dealing with invisible illnesses. It’s been quite an education. :)
    Congrats on reaching the finishing line of the A to Z challenge.
    See you again next year – same time, same place.
    Writer In Transit

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      It IS a wrap! Whew! And … scene.

      It was lovely meeting you as well, and I plan to come by and read the posts I missed (even tho it’s too late to win another book. At least I got one. Yay!). And I look forward to your “regularly scheduled programming.”

      I’m glad you got an education from my ramblings. Twas my evil plan, all along.

      Hugs to you, and thanks again for being a cheerleader for me!

  3. Betsy says:

    You did it! Pat yourself on the back. Thank you for letting us join you on this journey.

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      I *would* pat myself on the back, but that would hurt. ;) I’ll let Mike do it.

      Thanks for being such a faithful reader and wonderful BT. Lots of love!

  4. What a great ending post and congratulations on making it through. I didn’t make it to all the posts I wanted to every day either, but I still found some great new blogs . . .including yours!

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Thanks, blogger partner! I *really* appreciate you visiting and reading my blog – practically every day – especially with your very own BOOK LAUNCH happening right now! :)

      Congrats to you as well! *cheers*

  5. Yes, the traffic does slow after a time, and it’s all because reciprocal comments ease off too. Wishing you all the best for the future.

    Happy May!

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Indeed! I hope/plan to go visit the posts I missed on my new favorite blogs, and hopefully discover some new ones along the way. Thanks so much for visiting mine!

  6. Joy says:

    Excellent poem! Congrats on completing your A to Z Challenge!! Stay in touch!
    Joy @ The Joyous Living

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Thanks so much and congrats to you as well on the finish! You are definitely now on my follow list! Glad we connected, and I look forward to more chats! xoxo (And one more ! for good measure! Ha!)

  7. Elaine LeDoux says:

    I’m so proud of you girl! You did a wonderful job and I know you wrote through exhaustion and pain. You know I look forward each year to your A-Z and this one did not disappoint. Thank you, thank you…you are always interesting, I always learn from you. You are dear to me! XOXO

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Thank you thank you thank you! You are dear to me as well, and anytime my spirits or energy flagged, I thought of you waiting impatiently on the other end of the ether, and it helped motivate me. I’m glad you enjoyed and learned from lil ole me!

      I just hope I can do #AtoZ again next year! I’m whooped!


  8. Pamela says:

    Very fitting last post (love the poem) and you should give yourself a big hug as you’ve made it to the end. So glad I found your blog through this challenge and so many of your posts will stay with me. Be kind to yourself always.

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Pamela, thank you so much for following along on this (rambly) journey. I appreciate it more than you know. I did as you suggested, but had my husband give me a big hug. :) I hope you will continue to come visit my bloggy, and I look forward to having the time to read all your challenge posts!

      Again, many many thanks!!!

  9. I think of the A to Z as drinking from a fire hose. No one can do it the way they would like. I was away from home for almost the entire first two weeks of the challenge, with no or spotty internet for six of those days. Many of us get too far behind in our reading, especially after we find some blogs we really like – we get comfy with them. But I’m happy to have found you, and thank you for sticking through it!

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